Review Policy


I am currently accepting copies of books for review.

Preferred Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fairy Tales/Mythology, Retellings, Mystery/Thriller, Romance, Contemporary, Young Adult, or New Adult
Will Not Review: Non-fiction, audiobooks
Accepted Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, or eBook (Kindle) – ARC or Final Copy
Accepting From: Large publishers and requesting authors

After I receive a book, you can expect a review within one week. Reviews will be posted on my blog and may be posted on my Goodreads account. I am honest but fair, and I will not refrain from posting a negative review if my experience with the book was negative. That being said, my criticism is rarely harsh and I will admit when a book just wasn’t right for me. I tend to be very critical of writing, so if I don’t like the way a book is written (grammar, sentence structure, excessive purple prose, etc.) I will likely include that in my review.

I may best be contacted at I will respond to every review request, even if I am not interested.

My Rating System:

 THIS BOOK IS EVERYTHING and I can’t breathe, ohmygod. I’ll probably read it again, and will definitely read the sequels/more from the author.
★★★★: Really really good! The book was well-written, fun, and engaging, and something I would recommend.
★★★: Good and/or interesting, but was just an okay read.
★★: I wasn’t really feeling it. Something just didn’t work for me.
★:  Didn’t work for me at all, or there was something that I found problematic.